Massage Therapy

The Art of Touch

Massage Therapy is one of the most ancient of healing arts.  It is an incredibly effective tool for your total health and wellness.  Here are some of the basic benefits of massage therapy:

  • Improved Circulation
  • Increased flexibility
  • Decreased pain and/or inflammation
  • Balanced blood pressure (over time)
  • Greater sense of wellbeing
  • Increased self awareness

There are literally thousands of styles of massage applications to meet your body’s specific needs.

Massage Therapy sessions are tailored to your needs and recommendations will be made by the therapist based on your health history and therapy goals (if applicable).  Please ensure you communicate openly with your therapist for the best experience.

Why are there two sets of prices?  All of our therapists are state certified/licensed however, some therapists have more years of experience and continuing education so we feel it is important to acknowledge this accomplishment.  Every therapist has their own style and expertise and we encourage you to try them all!

Not sure where to start your journey towards better health?  Massage Therapy is a great starting point!  All of our therapists are highly trained and experienced and can help you connect with your own body and to better understand it's functions.  Have more questions before you get started? Contact Us!


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